Cribs, Carriage Baby Shower Invitations

Cribs, Carriage Baby Shower Invitations

Have you ever wanted to know more about baby shower invitations but were afraid to ask? Not sure what to ask for as a mommy-to-be? Never used a gift registry in your life and completely clueless on where to find one? Look no further! This guide will answer all the questions you might have in regards to purchasing the right kind of stationery and registering your baby shower wish list at all your favorite stores.

For starters, there are baby shower invitations specifically designed for girls, others with boys in mind, and even gender neutral cards for those mothers who want to be surprised and don’t know the sex of their baby at the time of the party. Baby shower invitations vary in size, shape, color, design, and price range just like any other stationery. Most cards are flat, one dimensional, and can be placed in an envelope for easy storage. Other varieties are available that include pop-ups or embellishments of many kinds.

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The 4-1-1 on Planning for Your Little One

Do I have to write the information out myself or can I have it printed on the invitation?: The choice is yours. Most companies offer low cost printing as a service to overwhelmed women. Rather than spend time writing out information on each and every invitation, all you have to do is stick the card in an envelope, address it, include the proper postage, and mail it out. The downside to pre-printed invitations is that the date of the shower may change and many companies have a no return policy. You can also purchase printable baby shower invitations, but you need to make sure that your printer is compatible with the stationery.

Should I include gift registry information on the baby shower cards or does that seem too pushy?: Gift registries were designed to take the guesswork out of giving gifts. Go to your favorite store and ask a salesperson to assist you in registering your wish list. Do include the information on your baby shower invitations. Not only will guests have an easier time knowing what to get you, they will also know what items others have purchased as well.

What other information should I include on the baby shower invitation cards?: Always include your name, the date of the baby shower, the time and location where it is being held and any other information that you feel is pertinent. Driving directions and shower registry information is also helpful on the baby shower invitations.

When should I send out the baby shower invitations?: A month or two in advance should be sufficient notice for most guests. This window of time will allow people from out of town to make travel arrangements and plan for overnight accommodations if necessary.

Who do I need to invite?: Anyone who is important to you should be at your shower. This includes family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and members of your congregation. Don’t forget to include your mother-in-law as well!

Planning your life around the birth of your baby is a magical event. Host a baby shower and let everyone you know share that joy with you!