Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower for a girl will be easy with our selection of baby shower invitations. The right invitations can reflect the style and theme of your baby shower. Our pink themed invitations is perfect for a girl baby shower. For a more modern event, choose one of our chic baby girl shower invitations. For a more formal occasion, choose from one of our elegantly designed and softer styled girl baby shower invitations. Whatever style you select for the baby shower, we have many delicate baby shower invitations to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl.

A little girl is often especially meaningful to the mother-to-be. She will get to dress up her daughter in various types of outfits, style her hair, and teach her how to survive in the world as a woman. If you want to proclaim everywhere that you're having a girl, make it the theme of your baby shower. Choose baby shower invitations that are pink, perhaps "It's a Girl" written in a darker pink across the top of the invitation. The background could be pink and white stripes, polka dots, or hearts. Then, you can carry this theme throughout the shower, decorating with the same patterns and colors to unite the theme with the happiness a little girl will bring.

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A decidedly feminine baby shower could also enjoy a fun title, such as Pretty in Pink or Tickled Pink. You should choose baby shower invitations that are pink, either as a solid color or multiple shades of pink. You could even ask guests to wear pink to the shower so everyone will be pretty in pink.

Another idea is to incorporate a doll theme into your pink extravaganza. You could ask everyone to bring a doll dressed in pink or to dress themselves like their favorite childhood doll. You could easily adapt this theme to fit any type of character you wish, such as having a pink princess theme. You could present each lady with a small tiara to wear during the shower and still ask everyone to dress in pink on the baby shower invitation.