Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Double the fun, but double the work? Planning a baby shower to honor the birth of twins doesn’t need to be a difficult undertaking. You can customize the shower with twin-themed invitations, games and even food! A mother expecting twins probably feels that she has a lot on her plate. Her life is about to change dramatically. Raising twins is twice as time-consuming and expensive as with a single child. Show your support by throwing her a twin-themed shower she will never forget, complete with all the bells and whistles, to give her a head start.

Do you know the sex of the twins? Many twin shower invitations are customized in blue, pink, or a combination of both to represent the sex of the babies. If Mom and Dad are keeping everyone guessing, yellow or green twin shower invitations might be just the right choice. One great theme for a twin shower is “Noah’s Ark”. The animals marching two by two is a natural choice for a multiple birth. Select matching invitations, thank you card stationery, decorations, cups and plates and more to carry the theme throughout the event.

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Another fun and popular twin shower theme is “Peas in a Pod”. This can be used for triplets, quadruplets and more; just change the number of peas. The advantage to using a popular theme is there are plenty of party supplies available that will match each other. So, while being original and creative is nice, you may end up doing a lot of extra work to find supplies to match your theme.

Writing Your Twin Shower Invitations - Unlike single-baby shower announcements, which don’t usually have a verse or poem, twin baby showers often have one to inform guests of the special nature of the shower. For example, a twin shower invitation might say “Four little feet we are about to greet… Two sweet babies we can’t wait to meet!” then lead into the announcement and shower details. Other cute twin sentiments you might want to try:

  • Have you heard the forecast? Two baby boys are predicted! But first there will be a shower.
  • We’ve just discovered that babies come in twos!
  • Two brand new babies are on the way, Let’s celebrate with a special day!

Special Considerations for Twin Showers - Mom and Dad have a lot of major expenses coming up. They will need two of everything: highchairs, cribs, playpens, car seats, a double stroller, etc. Gift Card showers are great for parents of twins as they can put these monetary gifts towards the large items they are sure to need.

Diaper showers are also very helpful. Twins can go through 20 diapers a day! Get Mom started with a good supply by asking guests to bring a pack of newborn or Size 1 diapers.

Don’t forget to keep the names and addresses of your guests to simplify the task of sending thank you cards. You can even purchase stationery to match your invitations and have them addressed for Mom in advance. She already has her hands full!