Vintage Baby Shower Invitations

    Vintage Baby Shower Invitations

    Baby Shower Invitations
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    Vintage Baby Shower Invitations

    Baby showers themes are abundant, and the list is endless. Themes can highlight the personality of the mother-to-be, the gender of the baby, or just the baby in general. There are always several themes that stand out from the crowd, ensuring baby shower success. Although you’ll never run out of baby shower themes, the top themes are popular for a reason. Learn from our past successes to ensure your baby shower is fun and resourceful!

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    Most Common Boy Themes - There are many options when choosing a theme for a baby boy, but there are several prevalent themes for today’s baby boy shower. Favorites include It’s a Boy and Baby Blue. Both of these themes remain popular because they are general enough to personalize. For It’s a Boy, you can decorate almost any way you choose, using airplanes or rocket ships, planets and stars, or simply using various shades of blue and yellow.

    Other popular boy themes include Little Prince, race cars or sports cars, sailboats, and choosing a specific sport, such as Little Slugger for baseball or Quarterback King for football. For a Little Prince theme, you could hand out crowns to your guests and invite them to a royal affair with baby shower invitations featuring a gold crown against a blue background. If you choose a race car theme, you could decorate using plates and cups with race cars or black and white checkered flags and even serve a cake shaped like a race car.

    Most Common Girl Themes - Little girls can be especially fun to plan a shower for since ladies are typically present and identify more with a feminine theme. The most popular baby girl themes include the traditional It’s a Girl, as well as Pretty in Pink or Tickled Pink, Little Princess, and Little Angel.

    If you have decorated the nursery in a particular way, perhaps with a princess in mind, then consider having a Little Princess themed shower. You will likely receive gifts that tie in with your theme and could even use some of the nursery decorations you’ve already bought for the shower. You could also present each guest with a tiara to wear during the shower and serve an elegant tea fit for a princess.