Bounce House & Playground Birthday Invitations

Bounce House, Playground Invites
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Bounce House & Playground Birthday Invitations

What is more fun than a bounce castle at a birthday party? The simple answer is nothing! Let your guests know beforehand about the fun that is going to be had with fun and bouncy bounce castle themed birthday invitations

We have all kinds of colorful bounce castle and playground invitations that are sure to keep your guests in anticipation of your event. These are perfect for any children’s birthday party for that little prince or princess in your life. There are lots of shaped cards to choose from as well as a flat card that has an attached wiggling castle to add a little flair. These bright colors and exciting patterns are sure to catch the eye.

The majority of these are great for both boys and girls although there are plenty to choose from if you are looking for a gender specific card. For girls there are pink castles with hot accents as well as purple castles with little girls celebrating with presents and flowers. Bright and bold blues and patterns are perfect for a boy’s party.

The playground cards are great for a party in the park or play date to the swings. There are also theme park cards with extravagant looping roller-coasters would absolutely suit a birthday celebration.