Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations

Sweet Sixteen Invitations
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Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations

Your little girl is growing up and becoming an independent young lady. As she approaches womanhood, celebrate this milestone birthday with a sweet 16 birthday party. The perfect start to planning a sweet sixteen birthday celebration is to select the perfect sweet 16 invitations to match the party style and theme. There are dozens of themes and symbols for your sweet 16 party invitations. Choose a hot pink party invitations with a crazy and chic design for your sweet 16 invitations to match your stylish teen's taste. Or opt for a softer pink with more classic design and you have the perfect birthday invitations for your teen with classic tastes.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation Wording: What to IncludeEtiquette dictates that any invitation, including a sweet sixteen birthday invitation, must clearly state its intentions. You must feature the birthday girl's name so that guests immediately understand who the party is for and don't have to guess. Also, the names of the hosts, usually the parents, should be listed in addition to the time, location and date.

When stating the location, provide an address (including zip code) so guests can easily find the party. Also, including RSVP information, such as a phone number and email address, is advised for an accurate headcount. If you choose, you may enclose reply cards. If you do, then simply ask guests to respond by a certain date.

You may include a poem or rhyming verse to introduce the wording. Choose a special verse that has personal meaning or select from the wide variety provided by stationers that you can easily modify to suit your personality. This is often the way to lighten the mood and personalize the sweet sixteen invitation. If you're celebrating with a theme that requires guest participation, such as a Halloween sweet sixteen costume party, then mention this as well, or you might be the only one dressed up!