Blue Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower Invitations
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Blue Bridal Shower Invitations

Beautiful Blue Invitations - In more ways than one, blue is often a color associated with royalty. Many magnificent palaces all over the world showcase lots of blue details and furnishings. Thus, if you choose to use the color blue as part of your wedding scene, deep blue invitations are the perfect choice for exuding royalty. A formal blue invitation is a fantastic way to express your imperial desires to your guests. While they aren’t overdone, blue wedding invitations still present a certain bit of charm and class. You can also match your blue invitations to the shade of blue that you will use throughout your reception.

Weddings that are based upon a royal theme offer a lot of room for imagination. If you’ve always dreamt of having that fairy-tale wedding, why not make your dream come true? Your wedding day should be the one day that’s all about you, so go ahead and make it a truly majestic affair.

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While royal weddings may include lavish décor, lots of little luxurious details, and celestial centerpieces, you can easily create all of these things with a budget in mind. The most important thing that you have to remember is that your wedding will be half steeped in illusion and half steeped in imagination. For example, while you may not be able to cover all of the tables in large jewels and velvet table cloths, you can find lots of shimmering beads and lush red fabrics. And speaking of color, there are lots of great color options for a wedding that has been inspired by royalty.

Royal Hues

You can opt for the traditional red and gold colors, or you can plan something a bit more elaborate. A pale ice blue set against lots of creamy white with tiny gold or silver flecks would create a stunning winter scene. Likewise, a bit of lavender intertwined with lots of silver is another great way to show off royal colors.

If you have your heart set on a pink princess-style wedding, this too can be achieved with some cotton candy pink, icy white, and maybe a few dark flecks of chocolate brown. As you can tell, the color combinations are endless.

Aside from creating the perfect scene and coming up with some regal colors, you will have to send out wedding invitations that also reflect your theme. While some people choose to send out invitations that actually have crowns and tiaras on them, this can be just a bit too much for a wedding day.