Around The Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower Invitations
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Around The Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

An around the clock shower usually involves 24 guests. Each guest is assigned a different hour of the day. Based on the hour, they have to choose a shower gift that the couple will be able to use during that hour of the day. For example, a guest who gets midnight might give a sheet set, lingerie, bedroom candles, etc.

Because the theme involves time and clocks, there are plenty of ways to add that theme into your party. For example, you could decorate with clocks. Purchase small inexpensive clocks and place them around the party location. Buy some affordable watches then use them as napkin holders, wrap them around the bases of the vases, etc. The around the clock shower is meant to be fun so the invitation should reflect that same fun tone. Some online stationery vendors have pre-made invitations designed specifically for these types of wedding showers – most decorated with images of clocks. You could also create your own invitations with images of clocks, watches, or different times of day on them.

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As for refreshments, you should serve a combination of foods from all times of day, such as scrambled eggs, tuna salad, sliced roast beef, and midnight snacks. You could also create food items that include numbers or times in their name, such as Three O'Clock Bean Salad. If you're serving a dessert, why not have a cake or cookie shaped and decorated like a clock.

Your games should also reflect the theme. For example, you might have guests try to guess how many clocks or timepieces are in the room (without letting them count). You could also create a “How Well Do You Know the Bride” contest with questions such as “At what time of day does (name) feel most amorous?” or “What time of day did the couple first meet?” The guests could also play gift bingo. The bingo cards would include the hours of the day and the guests would mark their cards based on the gifts the bride received.

Additionally, as the bride opens the presents, guests should let her know what time of day they had and should explain their choice of gift (unless it's obvious). This can actually be one of the funnest parts of the shower as guests try to defend their gift choices.

Besides the standard invitation information, you should also make sure that you explain the idea of the party and assign the guest a time of day. If you don't want to assign times of day, you could also wait until the guests responded to the invitations, then allow them to choose an available time. Just make sure to keep a list of who is coming and which hours they have chosen so you don't have any duplication.