Couple Wedding Shower Invitations

Couple Wedding Shower Invitations

Couples showers invitations are becoming increasingly popular. As men become more involved in the wedding planning process, it is more common to have a couples shower, sometimes called a "Jack and Jill" wedding shower, where both the bride and groom are present, as well as both male and female guests. Guests can bring gifts that the couple can enjoy together. Our couples shower invitations are perfect for inviting the guests of both the bride and groom.

Usually couples who are looking for themes for their wedding look at colors, holidays, even living things such as butterflies or doves. Not many couples realize that they don’t need to look that far to find the perfect theme: themselves. Why not consider making bride and groom icons a reoccurring symbol at your own wedding festivities? When you’re choosing your invitations, choose bride and groom images that are similar to in style and formality to what you’ll actually be wearing if possible.

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You’ll want to include bride and groom toppers on your wedding cake. The good news is you can find more options than the cheap, plastic versions once available. In fact, you can even have your icons personalized to look like the two of you. If you want a topper that will last, be willing to spend a little more for porcelain. To continue the theme through your reception decorations, you could purchase additional (but less expensive) wedding couple cake toppers then use them as centerpieces on all of the tables. You could pick different toppers for each table or the same for all of them if you want consistency. Instead of paper streamers, make streamers from white lace or satin so it resembles a wedding dress.

If you want to go all out, have one wall of the reception location covered in white linen then hire an artist to create a mural on that linen. For the mural, you could have a portrait of a newly married couple dancing at their reception, the bride and groom exchanging their vows at sunset, etc. Of course, this might cost a little extra but it’s definitely a decoration that will get attention. If you can’t afford to hire an artist, look online for similar pictures, print them off on photo-quality paper, then place them in a variety of decorative picture frames so you can hang them up all over the reception location. As a gift for all of your guests, purchase small picture frames and include a wedding photo of the two of you in the frame. If your budget allows, have the frame engraved with your names and the date of your wedding.