Green Bridal Shower Invitations

Green Bridal Shower Invitations

While all weddings are based upon several colors, some wedding colors have deep meanings behind them. The colors green and black are symbolic of many things, and this symbolism may even surprise and entice you. The color green can represent many different meanings. When green is the dominant color chosen for a wedding celebration, it often refers to the prosperity that the married couple will enjoy. Green is a symbol of fortune, yet it can also have a deeper meaning.

Some cultures believe that green is representative of all things pure, natural, and fertile. A green wedding for these specific cultures means that the happily married couple will become reborn as one following their wedding vows. Of course, green can also represent the environment, which is one of the main reasons why this color is often chosen by eco-conscious couples. Another color that goes very well with green is black. While black may seem rather somber for a wedding, some cultures believe that black is a far better choice than white.

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Green is the New Black or, Black is the New Green - Whether you decide to allow black or green to take center stage at your wedding is up to you. Still, it's a great idea to tie the two colors together from the start. You can begin coordinating your black and green wedding with invitations that include a black and green border.

You can select black tuxedos with green accents for groomsmen, green dresses with black bows for bridesmaids, and green chair coverings with black sashes for the reception, thus the sky is really the limit with these two colors. Black and green are such great accent colors, it might be hard to choose one of them to be the dominant color. Begin by selecting black and green stationery that includes a classic border, and then you can work on whether you prefer black or green more.