Grey Bridal Shower Invitations

Grey Bridal Shower Invitations

A bridal shower allows female family and friends of the bride to get together and celebrate the upcoming wedding like only girls can do. Although the bridal shower itself is important, choosing bridal shower invitations should be the first item on the to-do list. No matter how informal or intimate the bridal shower might be, sending bridal shower invitations are necessary. Even a small group of people might forget the date or time of the shower if no invitation is sent.

The invitations must also be sent to the bridesmaids. Even though they are involved in planning the shower, mistakes happen, and dates can get confused if not written down. Invitations also make beautiful mementos, whether for inclusion in a wedding album or to tuck into a keepsake box. The invitation could also be framed for the bride as a gift from her maid of honor.

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Setting the Mood with Bridal Shower Invitations - There is an endless variety of bridal shower invitation styles to choose from, and the bride should help with this decision. Since men are usually not invited to bridal showers, don’t hesitate to choose an ultra feminine design with soft colors, flowers, or whatever speaks to her feminine side. Invitations can be embellished with ribbons, sequins, flower petals, or feature watercolor designs, gold and silver embossed lettering, or a combination.

If the bride has more contemporary taste, she can choose a beautiful invitation more tailored to her personality. Perhaps she loves bold colors and wants vivid blues and pinks with silver embossed lettering to adorn her invitations. Perhaps she loves to shop or read or hike in the mountains. Find an invitation that embraces an activity she is known for because the more personal the invitation, the more meaningful it will be to the bride and her guests.

Don’t rule out a theme for the bridal shower. If the bride envisions an island theme to get her in the mood for her honeymoon in Hawaii, then find bridal shower invitations inspired by the tropics with beautiful flowers or a beach chair on a sandy beach facing a sparkling sea.