House & Garden Bridal Shower Invitations

House & Garden Bridal Shower Invitations

Around the house bridal shower will fill the bride and groom's house room by room. Guests will be assigned a room to purchase a gift for on the invitations to the bridal shower and purchase a gift that belongs in that room. For instance, if a guest is assigned the bathroom, the guest would purchase new towels, soaps, or other bathroom items for the bride and groom to enjoy. Another idea for a bride who has a full house already or who is moving into a new home is to host a lawn and garden bridal shower where the bride will receive the necessary items for landscaping. This will ensure the outside of the house looks as good as the inside.

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Who should be invited to the bridal shower? - That depends on how many bridal showers are being thrown. In the old days, women would have a single shower and all of her female relatives, female in-laws, and female friends would be invited. Today, she might have multiple showers thrown by different people, such as her co-workers or family members on the groom’s side. In those cases, the guest lists should be restricted so the same people aren’t invited to more than one bridal shower. You can also choose to have a more inclusive bridal shower and invite the groom, as well as male relatives and friends. Remember that the bride, and possibly the groom, should approve the final guest list to make sure no one important is excluded and no one unwanted is included.

When should the bridal shower be held? - Bridal showers should be held at least a month before the wedding. You can have the shower at a closer date but only if you want to include family and friends who are traveling a great distance to attend the wedding. You want to make sure the shower doesn’t conflict with the bachelorette party and that the bride has time to send out thank you cards for the shower before getting started on the ones for her wedding. Plus, scheduling will be increasingly difficult as the wedding date approaches.

Where should the bridal shower be held? - Bridal showers can be held almost anywhere. Private homes are often the best choice because they are free and readily available. However, restaurants, party rooms, clubs, and other common event locations are all great choices. You should first decide how many will be invited and how much you can spend on the shower before you select a location.

What should we do at the bridal shower? - The easy answer is have a good time. Most bridal showers include some type of refreshments: cake, mints, sandwich trays, catered meals, etc. You basically pick a menu that fits your theme and your budget. You’ll also need entertainment, usually games that test your guests’ knowledge about the bride-to-be. You can also throw in other types of games and activities as well depending on the location and theme of your event.