Pink Bridal Shower Invitations

Pink Bridal Shower Invitations

Hot pink is a difficult color to pin down. While it is certainly pink, it is also somewhat neutral, making it a great color choice that both men and women can enjoy. The trick to creating a great hot pink wedding is to make sure that this color is not allowed to run rampant. For example, think about choosing classic black and white for your dominant wedding colors. Then, add bold punches of hot pink throughout the reception area. A black and white cake that includes hot pink scrolling will be a sure hit. Similarly, hot pink place cards and monogrammed items will look dreamy.

In fact, with black and white as your base colors, nearly any shade of hot pink will look perfect…but let’s talk about those hot pink shades for a moment. There are actually a few shades of hot pink for your wedding, but you want all of the hues to match. While hot pink can be a lovely color for any wedding day, it must be used properly. Pink doesn’t have to be the dominant wedding color, but it should be the one stationery color that you choose in order to tie everything together with perfection.

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Hot Pink Problems

Once you have settled on the color of hot pink, it is time to choose matching invitations and save-the-dates. Since you will be sending out these notices prior to anything else, you may want to use your wedding stationery as a hue guideline for the rest of the affair.

In order to avoid the possibility that your colors may clash, try to purchase all of your items from the same supplier. Then, once you have your main items, you can bring an object or two to your baker and florist. This way, the hot pink that you have chosen will match your cake, bouquet, and all other items.

Another thing that many brides fret over is the color of those bridesmaids’ dresses. Hot pink dresses can be found, though you may have to special order the ones that you like. Again, make sure that all of your girls get their dresses from the same store or merchant…otherwise, they are bound to clash.

Hot Pink Invites

Choosing hot pink invitations is really important when you are trying to coordinate a wedding of this color. You want your invitations to help your color scheme flow from the start. Therefore, make sure to choose wedding invitations, Thank You cards, and save-the-dates that reflect the exact color you want.

If you make your wedding stationery your very first wedding purchase, you can be sure that the rest of your wedding will match perfectly. Hot pink is a great idea for the bride that wants to add zing and sass to her wedding.