Spa Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower Invitations
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Spa Bridal Shower Invitations

Spa and pampered invitations have become a popular trend in this modern day of hectic daily schedules and stressful times. Plan your bridal shower party with a spa theme in a desired setting for an afternoon and relaxation. Send your invitations while your guests can relax and enjoy the intimate setting with family and friends while receiving facials treatments, body messages, manicures, and pedicures.

If you're ready to host a girl's night (or day) out, but you want to try something new and different, consider hosting a spa party. A spa party can be a relaxing way to catch up with your friends. Trust me; this is an invite that no woman will turn down. You can host a spa party in your home, or to make planning even easier, at a day spa. Most day spas will give you and your friends private attention, provided you have a minimum number of guests. The facility may close up for an evening and let you host your Spa Party after hours, giving you discount rates for the group, or, set aside certain treatment rooms just for your use.

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You'll need to determine how you'll handle fees when you host a spa party. One suggestion is that as hostess, you foot the bill for one spa service (like a pedicure) for each guest. Then, guests pay for any additional services they wish to receive. When you host a spa party at a spa, paying the service fee for one service for each guest is likely to be less than you'd spend on food and drinks to host a party in your home.

Go over the details carefully with your contact at the spa, so that you know exactly what you'll receive. If you'd like, for example, to provide some food because all the spa can offer is sparkling water, just ask.

If you'd rather host the party in your home, see if your there's a mobile spa in your area. These professionals come to your home complete with massage tables, robes and manicure and pedicure equipment. They're typically prepared to give massages, facials and hand and foot treatments. Their fees and services vary, so ask a lot of questions to ensure that you know what you're getting.

When you host a mobile spa party, you'll likely need to provide the refreshments for your guest. To create the true spa experience, consider a menu that includes sparkling water and juices to drink. For food, cheese and fruit are good choices. The key is to have a menu that's light and healthy, so that your guests don't leave feeling full and bloated.

Find out if your mobile spa will bring supplies to create ambience, or if you'll need to provide these elements. Candles, a small fountain and fresh flowers can help create a spa feel in your home. Play soft "new age" music in the background.

If you are unable to find a mobile spa in your area, consider hiring a massage therapist who makes house calls. This option will be sort of "no frills" because the therapist will probably not provide manicures, pedicures or facials. She will also not likely provide robes or other amenities. On the other hand, she'll probably give you a better price than a mobile spa.