Stripes, Dots, Wave Photo Cards

Stripes, Dots, Wave Photo Cards

Traditionally, Christmas or Holiday cards are sent to friends, family and neighbors during the month of December. Christmas Photo Cards are exchanged as a means of keeping in touch, particularly with those who live a distance away. Sending a Christmas photo card is a relatively new alternative to the traditional Christmas Card. Popularity has increased over recent years, as technological advances made digital cameras and home computers available in most family homes.

There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. That is true. Our brains are wired to remember visual inputs. Time is saved by doing a two in one card. Many families write out the traditional card and then insert a photograph of the family or the children. Etiquette allows for the elimination of the need to write a letter when using photo cards.

Photo cards are by nature, designed for candid shots to be framed, rather than a studio photo. For those families whose children do not like to sit for a photo shoot, photo cards are a perfect choice.

There are people that you want to remember but your budget does not allow for you to buy a gift for each on the list. By choosing a candid photo taken somewhere other than in front of the tree, combined with choosing a photo card design that is a basic design rather than one with Santa hats; your card can double as the gift.

Choosing the Photo

People enjoy receiving candid shots that depict every day family life. Rather than gather the family in front of the tree in traditional holiday attire, why not consider a more creative photo? One great idea is to have each family member choose an outfit for the photo shoot that best depicts their personality. An athlete or cheerleader could done their uniform, a musician could hold their instrument (or sit at it, if it is a piano!), and an avid cook could wear an apron and oven mitt. Another alternative to the photo shoot is to use a candid shot taken at a family outing or vacation during the year. For those who are single, consider choosing a photo of yourself engaged in an activity of interest to you. If you have a pet, you could have someone take a photo of both you and your pet.