Cocktail & Wine Invitations

Cocktail Party Invitations
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Cocktail & Wine Invitations

Cocktails anyone? A cocktail can be a great symbol of celebration and a great way to mix and mingle with family, friends and colleagues. Set the tone for your personal or business cocktail party with classy and chic cocktail invitations. Martini party invitations say stylish and sophisticated. Champagne party invitations give everyone a reason to celebrate, and margarita invitations get your guests in the mood for a fun fiesta.

Combine birthday invitations with a fun cocktail invitations for a great birthday celebration. Cocktail invitations are also perfect for milestone birthday invitations, casual corporate invitations and much more. Consider hosting friends and family for birthday cocktails and start with fanciful cocktail themed invitations to get everyone in the festive mood.

Having a wine tasting? Pique your guest's interest with a clever wine bottle or wine glass die cut wine tasting party invitations, wine country themed invitations or vineyard invitations. Champagne is always a symbol of celebration. Consider using champagne themed invitations for your next birthday party invitations. Champagne invitations are also perfect for casual wedding invitations, wedding stationery, wedding announcements, or bridal shower invitations, and much more.

Celebrating Oktoberfest? Why not send beer invitations to get your guest in the mood? Big margarita glass invitations is perfect for a fun Mexican themed party.

'Pick your poison' - as they say - with our wide variety of cocktail, wine and beverage themed invitations. Cocktail invitations add the perfect, stylish touch to your birthday invitations, party invitations or even wedding invitations.