Damask & Paisley Invitations

Damask & Paisley Invitations

With the holidays approaching, most of us could use some extra money or some great gift ideas. That’s one reason why you’ll start seeing more people throwing parties to sell a wide array of products from Mary Kay to Tupperware to Pampered Chef to Intimate Expressions. What these products are all traditionally sold through the home party plan.

Picking the Right Invitations for the Party

Since most of the products are targeted towards female consumers, your best bet is to choose invitations that other women will love. The specific party invitations you choose will also depend on the type of invitation you’re inviting. The Pink Teapot variety might be a good choice for Pampered Chef, for example, while the Spa Day cards may be a good choice for Mary Kay or Avon parties. You can also find a wide assortment of Damask and Paisley theme for general party invitations and holiday invitations.

Make sure to send out the invitations about two weeks in advance so you can receive responses from all of your guests. Remember to encourage people you invite to bring guests since more people mean more potential to make new friends.

Throwing a Great Party

Obviously, some of the party details will revolve around what you sell. If you sell cookware, then you’ll probably want to serve food made with the products. If you sell lingerie, you might want to have a more risqué atmosphere at the party.  For a cosmetic party, you’ll probably want to include makeovers. Hopefully, you get the idea.

However, the best home parties don’t just focus on the invitation. When people are having a good time, they are going to be more likely to come for your party, so you’ve got to find ways to entertain your guests. Trivia game competitions are great fun, but make sure you select trivia that is appropriate for the age group you’re inviting.

Another idea is to have a guest speaker. A local chef, a sex therapist, a stylist – any of these professionals would be able to give your guests some great pointers. You might even be able to get them to attend by offering them a free product or by doing a joint venture marketing campaign with them.

Just make sure guests are having a great time hen they’ll be more likely to buy your products before they leave the party.