Boy 1st Birthday Invitations

Boy First Birthday Invitations
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Boy 1st Birthday Invitations

Although choosing a themed first birthday invitation is always an option, don’t rule out choosing more generalized first birthday invitations for boys that simply celebrate with a cheerful, colorful design. You can choose first birthday invitations that have a border filled with building blocks in primary colors, each with a letter of the alphabet, surrounding the invitation wording.

You could also choose from various designs of first birthday invitations that center around a colorful cupcake or birthday cake with a single glowing candle on top. Your child’s name could be written on the cake or cupcake as well to further personalize this invitation style. Another fun and festive first birthday invitation is filled with colorful balloons across the top with a larger, central balloon containing your child’s name.

Since first birthdays are generally remembered by the parents, choosing first birthday invitations that evoke a celebratory attitude and prepare guests for a fun, festive atmosphere makes these first birthday invitations winners. Better yet, they also allow you to plan a simpler birthday party.

Planning a first birthday party for your little boy is a special time and needs special first birthday invitations designed just for little boys. Although all of your son’s birthdays will be special and worth celebrating, there’s nothing like his first birthday. So choose first birthday invitations that will always bring a smile to your face.

Themed First Birthday Invitation Ideas

Many parents choose to go with a fun theme for their son’s first birthday, and this begins with themed first birthday invitations. If you know the birthday party will be outdoors, you might choose a theme that works well outside like a wild west theme or a jungle theme. Your first birthday invitations could feature a little boy dressed like a cowboy inviting guests for a backyard bonanza. Or, your first birthday invitations could feature an array of jungle animals, like lions, giraffes, monkeys and zebras for a cool safari themed party.

If you want to choose a beach or water theme, you could send first birthday invitations that feature a little boy pirate with a parrot on his shoulder and an eye patch sailing on a boat, or choose first birthday invitations that are pale blue with a row of navy blue sailboats floating across the bottom. Then, you might set up a sandbox in one part of your yard, a sprinkler and a few baby pools to complete the water theme.

You might also choose first birthday invitations with a train, airplane or race car theme, depending on your son’s preferences. Or, you might combine them all into a first birthday invitation that has airplanes flying over a chugging train while a red car races across the bottom of this exciting first birthday invitation.

Whether you choose a themed first birthday invitation or ones without, it’s best to select the option that you will most enjoy sending to guests and planning a party around. Some parents simply want to gather family and friends around delicious dessert while others want to spice things up with a fun theme. Whichever you choose, your son’s first birthday is sure to be a blast.