Girl 1st Birthday Invitations

Girl 1st Birthday Invitations

If you have a little girl about to turn one, then you’ll want to choose special first birthday invitations designed just for little girls. You don’t necessarily have to choose a first birthday invitation filled with pink, but instead, choose a first birthday invitation that reminds you of her budding personality or features her favorite animal, color, character or hobby. That way, every time you pull out her first birthday invitation in the future, you’ll remember how special her first birthday was.

A princess theme will always be a popular first birthday invitation theme because so many little girls enjoy watching princesses on television and in movies, reading stories about them and dressing up like them. If this sounds like your daughter, you could choose from a wide variety of princess themed first birthday invitations.

These first birthday invitations could feature a princess and her fairytale castle, a little girl princess with a wand and a tiara, or a group of princesses dressed in pink. Another way to incorporate a princess theme is to choose first birthday invitations that feature a Disney princess character like Cinderella, Belle or Sleeping Beauty.

First Birthday Invitations With an Active Theme

If you have an active one-year old who would rather play outside then play with dolls, then consider sending first birthday invitations that convey her favorite activity as the theme. If she loves to tumble and roll around, you could choose first birthday invitations with a gymnastics theme, showing little girls in leotards posing on a balance beam or attempting a cartwheel.

If your daughter loves to splash in the baby pool, you could host a pool party and send first birthday invitations that make a splash! They could be die-cut and shaped like little girls colorful bathing suits, feature little mermaid girls splashing in a pool or in the ocean, or even show little girls having a great time sliding into a pool from a water slide. This could also lead to an under the sea theme, or you could set up baby pools in the yard or meet at your local pool for a wet and wonderful first birthday party.

First Birthday Invitations With a Cuddly Theme

Baby animals are popular for boys and girls, but there are many first birthday invitations that are designed with little girls in mind, making these a great choice for a little girl who loves her stuffed animals. You could choose first birthday invitations that feature teddy bears and ask each child to bring her favorite bear to a first birthday tea party.

If she loves all animals, you could (in conjunction with other parents) take your first birthday party to the zoo or a petting zoo and send first birthday invitations with baby elephants, lions and tigers in soft, feminine colors.

No matter what first birthday invitation theme will best suit your daughter’s unique personality, choosing first birthday invitations with a fun theme makes it easier to plan and decorate for a fabulous first birthday party.