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Half Perforated Photo Card

Photo cards are fun for everyone! They can fit into an assortment of uses both in the business and personal context. Because they are suitable for any occasion, you can use them as invitation cards, announcement cards, mementoes, birthday cards, and for several other uses.

The photo on the card can be your favorite picture or a picture of yourself; perhaps you want to invite people over to your new home for a housewarming party, when you can include a picture of your lovely new home; maybe you want to invite your family and friends to a graduation party, when you can have a picture of yourself in graduation dress, maybe you have just been blessed with a baby, and you’d like all your loved ones to know. Whatever the occasion, you can be quite sure that photo cards will be treasured as precious keepsakes.

Photo cards can be made in a variety of designs – fixed to a regular card or with a specially designed border around them to give them the photo frame look; they also serve as beautiful thank you cards where you can include a picture of the event for them to keep.

We offer you half perforated photo cards in sheet size: 8.5" x 11", micro perforated for conveniently separating the sheet into two photo cards per sheet. The next time you plan to send an invitation or announcement, make it a photo card – and brighten up someone’s life today!

Stationery 2-up Photo Cards, Stationery Half Perforated Technical Information:
Provided by: Masterpiece Studios
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Microperforated for easy separation
2 Photo Cards per sheet
Paper Weight: 65 lb. Cover