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Calendar Page

Calendars are a great tool for being organized, remembering dates, keeping track of appointments, and planning. Visually they provide the means to get the whole picture when you are busy trying to allot tasks according to date and time. For businesses, calendars can be used as an advertising medium also, because when a sales promotional message is printed on it and distributed to customers and prospects, they remember it throughout the year. Some businesses print monthly calendars and send them to their customers every month, using it as a means to be retained in the customer’s mind as a reminder.

Calendars can be weekly, monthly or yearly. You can print them economically by showing even three months on a page. If budget is no constraint, then each page could show one month and a graphic. Calendars can be theme based or photo calendars. If you are printing a calendar for your personal use, the top half of the calendar could show pictures of friends or family members. For business use, pictures of the product are printed. You could even make a calendar as a gift for someone special by personalizing it for him or her. Calendar making is a great craft idea for kids as it helps them stretch their creativity to make something useful and preserve it.

We offer you premium quality calendar paper conveniently measuring 8.5” x 11” cut from 60 lb paper so that it is easy to print on them using inkjet or laser printers.

Business Stationery; Calendar Page Stationery Technical Information:
Provided by: Masterpiece Studios
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Paper Weight: 60 lb. Text