First Birthday Invitations

First Birthday Invitations

We love first birthdays! Your baby has gone through more changes in his first year than he ever will at any other point in his life. She went from your tiny bundle of joy to a walking, babbling, getting-into-trouble whirlwind of activity and discovery! What better way to celebrate this milestone than with fun first birthday invitations and a first birthday celebration you'll never forget? Your baby's first birthday invitations will be welcomed a sight in the mailboxes of your family and friends!

First Birthday Invitations

First Birthday Invitations

First birthday invitations are just as much fun to send as they are to receive. First birthday invitations are often themed, so if you have a special theme in mind for your baby's first birthday, then your first birthday invitations should reflect the theme. Perhaps you're thinking of a truck theme for your little man or a princess theme for your little princess. Maybe you want a character theme, such as Elmo, Barbie or Thomas the Tank Engine. The best part of a first birthday party is the fun you have with it, so get the party started with a special theme and fun first birthday invitations that reflect your little one's personality.

Of course, first birthday parties are often just as much about the parents' likes, so if Dad is a farmer, a farm theme may be ideal. Or if Mom loves ballet, a ballet theme may be the way to go for your little one. The best part of first birthdays is that they can be anything you want them to be. Set the tone for an inspired birthday event by sending out themed first birthday invitations!

First Birthday Invitations for a Girl

First birthday invitations are more fun if they accurately reflect the girly-girl attitude of your little one. Pink is it when it comes to little girls' first birthday parties, so whether you are a pastel pink fan or a bubble gum pink fanatic, make your little girl's first birthday party a pink paradise fairytale and send out pink first birthday invitations to match your party's style!

First birthday invitations for a girl can also be adorned with bows, hearts and glitter galore! Use your first birthday invitations as your inspiration to make a pink-themed first birthday party, complete with a pink cake, pink decorations, and of course, your little princess dressed in head- to-toe pink. Channel your inner child and start exploring the many ways you can make your little girl's first birthday one to be remembered.

First Birthday Invitations for a Boy

Your little man is turning one, and it's time to celebrate! Trucks, cars, tractors and airplanes are a common first birthday theme for boys, but so are teddy bears and animals. First birthday invitations for boys are usually all-boy, and that means blue, blue and blue! However, first birthday invitations can also be other vibrant colors, including red, green and yellow, just to name a few.

Don't forget to top off your little guy's first birthday with plenty of balloons, a colorful cake, and party hats to get everyone in the first birthday mood!

Who doesn't love to celebrate the first year of a baby's life? Send out special first birthday invitations to family and friends, asking them to share this monumental and special time with you and your precious little one – who doesn't seem so little anymore!